Battery Packs

Marsen Energy offers battery modules using high quality, grade A lithium cells from LG, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung, Sony and A123 System. We custom build to your requirements at the voltage you require and the amp hour you require. The cells are professionally welded with our high end battery resistance spot welder using pure Nickel tabs of multiple thicknesses of 0.2mm to suit the power requirements of your battery pack. The packs can be built to any stage from a bare bone pack of just a few cells to a complete module with BMS and shrink wrap coating. We will soon be able to offer custom built ABS casings and enclosures from our 3D printer and vacuum forming equipment. Contact us for more details whether for a one off battery pack or large production runs.

Marsen Energy are here to help you find the right battery solution for you.

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Marsen Energy 36V 14000mAh GT Electric Skateboard Battery

Brand: Marsen Energy

Model: 14000mAh 36V


Marsen Energy 36V 15000mAh Carbon GT Electric Skateboard Battery Upgrade

Brand: Marsen Energy

Model: 15000mAh Carbon GT


Marsen Energy 36V 9000mAh GT Electric Skateboard Battery

Brand: Marsen Energy

Model: 9000mAh 36V