HA02 Equaliser - battery balancer

HA02 Equaliser - battery balancer
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HA02 Equaliser - battery balancer 

HA02 Equaliser - battery balancer - The HA02 battery equaliser is used for batteries which are connected in series to keep the voltage of batteries equal when charging or discharging. When connected in series battery voltages will vary due to the differences in cell chemical composition and temperature, each battery’s self discharge rate will  also be different. These differences will cause battery pack to become unbalanced, this imbalance will result in undercharging and overcharging of the batteries resulting in sulfation and premature corrosion of the plates. The voltage difference will increased over time and subsequent charging cycles. This will result in premature failure of the batteries.

The HA02 battery balancer is an energy transfer type equaliser. That means that the equaliser starts to work when there are 10mV difference between two batteries. The voltage difference will cause current to flow from a higher voltage to low voltage,eventually reaching equilibrium. It can be connected to the battery system 24 hours to keep the system voltage balanced automatically and requires no maintenance.

The HA02 battery balancer is suitable for lead-acid batteries(VRLA), lithium iron phosphate batteries(LFP), nickel-cadmium secondary batteries(Ni/CD), and nickel metal hydride secondary batteries(Ni/MH). It works with battery voltages of 2.4v to 12v giving a battery pack range of 9.6v to 48v. 

One equaliser can connect 2-4 batteries at a time, if battery pack is less than the 4, the extra cable is left vacant (positive and negative terminal should be insulated). The equaliser can be connected with batteries in parallel for larger capacity balancing. Several equalisers can be connected in series for larger voltage balancing.

Battery Balancing Explained

Watch this YouTube video to see Battery Balancing explained https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KSFitqvap0&t=58s


 HA02 Equaliser battery balancer


Battery nominal voltage 

4* (2.4V/3.6V/6V/9V/12V)

Optimizing current 


Quiescent current 

5mA(12V)   1.2mA(2.4V)


62*124*27 mm


Reverse polarity protection 

Under voltage lock out