Parrot Disco FPV 11.1V 10000mAh Li-ion battery upgrade

10000mAh Parrot Disco Battery

Brand: Marsen

Model: FPV3S3P

Product Code: 0050 Parrot Disco 10Ah

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Parrot Disco FPV 11.1V 10000mAh Li-ion battery upgrade. This battery pack was primarily designed for the Parrot Disco FPV but can be used for any 11.1V RC vehicle. It has a continuous 30A rating and 45A short burst capability and a minimum 10000mAh capacity.

Made with A grade NCR18650 cells it provides a much safer alternative to volatile LiPO cells. The power leads are 14AWG Silicone high temperature and it is fitted with a genuine XT60 female plug plus a 3S XH balancing connector for balanced charging. With a massive 10000mAh flight times in excess of 2 1/2 hours can be expected. These are not imported batteries and are made here in Australia by Marsen Energy.

The battery is shrink wrapped to keep weight to a minimum, it's larger than stock battery size means that you will need to modify the battery space on the Disco FPV to get this battery to fit. Do not purchase this battery if you do not want to alter the battery space of your aircraft.

A standard Balanced Lithium battery charger with 3S connections and an XT60 plug is suitable to charge this battery with a charge voltage of 12.6V (4.2V per cell) and 5 amps standard charge or 12.6V and 10 amps fast charge. 

10000mAh Parrot Disco Battery


 Marsen Energy will provide a replacement battery if you prove that:


  • The battery pack cannot be charged or discharged within the warranty period (6 months)

  • There is chemical leakage

  • Capacity is less than 80% of rated capacity in the first 6 months.


The following are excluded from warranty:


  • Unauthorized dismantling, modification, conversion of the battery pack

  • Minor tears or scratches on the battery pack skin

  • Damage caused by accident(s) or collision(s)

  • Using a charger not approved by us

  • Not using the battery in accordance with storage and operation instructions.