Parrot Disco FPV 11.1V 10000mAh Li-ion battery upgrade

10000mAh Parrot Disco Battery

Brand: Marsen

Model: FPV3S3P

Product Code: 2012

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Parrot Disco FPV 11.1V 10000mAh Li-ion battery upgrade. This battery pack was primarily designed for the Parrot Disco FPV but can be used for any 11.1V RC vehicle. It has a continuous 30A rating and 45A short burst capability and a minimum 10000mAh capacity.

Made with A grade NCR18650 cells it provides a much safer alternative to volatile LiPO cells. The power leads are 14AWG Silicone high temperature and it is fitted with a genuine XT60 female plug plus a 3S XH balancing connector for balanced charging. With a massive 10000mAh flight times in excess of 2 1/2 hours can be expected. These are not imported battery packs and are made here in Australia by Marsen Energy.

The battery is shrink wrapped to keep weight to a minimum, it's larger than stock battery size means that you will need to modify the battery space on the Disco FPV to get this battery to fit. Do not purchase this battery if you do not want to alter the battery space of your aircraft.

A standard Balanced Lithium battery charger with 3S connections and an XT60 plug is suitable to charge this battery with a charge voltage of 12.6V (4.2V per cell) and 5 amps standard charge or 12.6V and 10 amps fast charge. 

10000mAh Parrot Disco Battery


How the Disco measures battery level

Many RC flight controllers with battery monitoring use a current sensor to measure how much energy is removed from the battery.

The Disco has no current sensor. Instead it monitors the battery voltage under load to figure out how much is left. This method has the advantage of the Disco not needing to know how large the battery is or how fully charged it was, to figure out how many percent capacity is left. The method has the disadvantage that it cannot know how much actual capacity is left, only how many percent.

When the motor runs on full power, the battery voltage temporarily drops. When the motor power is reduced, the battery voltage recovers. This is normal, and more pronounced in li-ion batteries than li-po. It means the battery voltage goes up and down all the time, depending on how much power you use.

To prevent the battery percentage display going up and down all the time, The Disco firmware only shows the lowest value it has measured. Any subsequent voltage recovery will not be shown. This can have unintuitive effects.

If you for example climb very high at the beginning of a flight, your battery level may drop rather quickly. Once you reach your altitude and start cruising, the battery level shown will stop falling and will remain on the lowest level you reached. It can be "stuck" there for quite some time.

This "battery level stuck" effect can also be seen with cold batteries. Cold batteries drop their voltage under load more than warm batteries, due to increased internal resistance. But batteries under load warm up, causing the battery voltage to in some cases actually rise with increased use! This too will result in the Disco user interface showing the battery level being stuck on the same value for longer than expected.

Software configuration for custom batteries

When using a li-ion battery pack, you don't have to change any parameters. But if you don't, the Disco will think you are still using a lipo and not use the whole capacity of your battery.

To use all of your capacity and to get proper % remaining reading with these packs, you need to change the voltage table the Disco uses to calculate battery state.

Configuration parameters

Here are the parameters related to battery voltage you need to change. First is a list of voltage levels for various warnings and limits.

VBAT_MIN = 8.8
VBAT_LOW = 8.9
# Battery voltage below which a warning is emitted.
# Battery voltage below which a critical failure is reported.
# Battery voltage above which a EMPTY BAT failure is cancelled
# Battery voltage below which a warning is emitted.
#Battery voltage below which a critical alert is emitted.


Cell specific battery tables

You also need to change the battery percentage table to get an accurate reading. The table is slightly different for different battery packs, depending on the number and type of li-ion cells used.

Note! These tables are designed to let you use your battery to the fullest. There is very little "reserve" below 0% battery. Even before reaching 0%, your motor may produce less thrust and climb poorly due to the low voltage. Plan your flights accordingly.

Samsung INR18650-35E/ LG Chem MJ1

3s3p packs:

BATTERY_PERCENTAGE_TABLE_VOLTAGE = 8.5, 8.67, 8.81, 8.94, 9.17, 9.34, 9.51, 9.67, 9.81, 9.92, 10.1, 10.25, 10.83, 11.51, 11.69, 11.88, 11.98, 12.07, 12.17, 12.41
BATTERY_PERCENTAGE_TABLE_PERCENTAGE = 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 98, 100

Additional information on Drone battery upgrades can be found here.

There is currently a 3 week lead time from ordering.

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