Marsen Energy 36V 9000mAh GT Electric Skateboard Battery

37V 7.5Ah 10S3P skateboard battery pack
37V 7.5Ah 10S3P skateboard battery pack label
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Brand: Marsen Energy

Model: 9000mAh 36V

Product Code: 10S3P30Q

Availability: Special Order


Marsen Energy 36V 9000mAh GT Electric Skateboard Battery is our lowest capacity battery providing 9000mAh in a 10S3P configuration. It uses Samsung INR1865030Q 3000mAh cells. The nominal voltage is 36V with a charge voltage of 42 volts so it can be charged using our standard 2A charger or the fast 4A charger. The cells are spot welded together with two layers of 0.2mm Nickel strips using a commercial grade 15KVA inverter battery welder for strong quality welds. The 3P sections are joined with braided copper wire to increase flexibility of the pack as well as reducing the width of the pack compared to standard silicone AWG wire. It has an 11 wire JST connector for BMS balancing (compatible with Evolve BMS) The power leads are fitted with 4mm Supra 24K Gold plated X bullet connectors and Deans connector for a solder free fast connection so batteries can be changed in the field. One time soldering of connector to the BMS required.

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Voltage Sag

One of the main issues with the some electric skateboard batteries is voltage sag when under high load such as going up hills. By using a higher rated cell the voltage sag can be reduced. The Samsung 30Q cell is rated to 15 Amps continuous and will provide 20 Amps for short periods with minimum heating so voltage sag is reduced to a minimum when a 10S3P battery pack is used.  For a more detailed explanation of voltage sag see Jay Boston's youtube clip. Voltage Sag


 Marsen Energy 36V 9000mAh GT Electric Skateboard Battery 


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Marsen 9000mAh Electric skateboard pack.


Capacity:               9000mAh

Nominal Voltage:    36V

Max Continuous

Discharge current:   45 Amps continuous 60 Amps for short periods

Standard Charge:    2 Amps

Fast Charge:           4 Amps

Charge Voltage:      42V

Weight:                  1145g

Dimensions:            285mm x 139mm x 19mm

Marsen Energy