Marsen Flat Braided Copper Wire (1M)

Copper Braid Roll
Copper Braid 4mm

Brand: Marsen

Model: CB4mm

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Marsen Flat Braided Copper Wire

Known for its durability, copper braid is used for the strongest possible electric connection. Primarily the use of a braided cable is an earthing strap for both safety and the elimination of static. Two of the biggest issues in electronics. If a sturdy and flexible braided wire is needed, then these Marsen Energy versions will guarantee performance. Copper is the obvious choice of material for cables and wires due to the famously conductive properties it has. Speaker cables, circuit boards and various types of advanced wiring all use copper wire as their connection. With the added excellent flexibility provided by a braided cable, all applications can expect a smooth and consistent performance for the connected electronics.

Supplied as a flat tinned copper braid, and available in various lengths by the meter, this copper wire is an excellent choice in many situations. All models are highly reliable and excellent quality.

• Fully annealed tinned copper wire
• For use in normal ambient conditions
• Meets BS 4109, British specification for copper for electrical purposes



Copper Braid 4mm