EVA Foam - 15mm x 2mm x 1.5m

15mm x 3mm 5m adhesive faom tape

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EVA Foam - 15mm x 2mm x 1.5m

Single Sided Adhesive

Eva foam has many applications, it is widely used in electrical appliances a nd electronic equipment. This size is also ideal as a sealer between the spacer and deck for an electric skateboard

It is used as a buffer to create shockproofing and as an anti slip material.

Marsen Energy have 4 sizes in stock

  • 15mm x 2mm
  • 20mm x 2mm
  • 75mm x 3mm
  • 190mm x 6mm

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EVA Foam - 15mm x 2mm x 1.5m

  • Heat Resistance - -50C - 70C
  • Acid and Alkali resistant
  • high Voltage Insulation