Barley Paper 4S tabs

4 cell barley paper 2
4 cell barley paper
4 cell barley paper 3

Brand: Marsen

Model: Barley Paper 4S tabs

Product Code: 0111

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Barley Paper 4S tabs.

Barley paper or fishpaper is a laminated plastic composed of only cellulose. It has excellent electrical insulation properties and also acts as a thermal insulator. Originally used as a gasket material it is now used predominantly as an electrical insulator and more recently in Lithium battery building. 

These 4S tabs are designed for use in battery building using 18560 cells. The tabs fit over the positive terminal to provide extra insulation and protection when welding Nickel tabs to the terminal. Supplied in a pack of 12 strips suitable for a 12S battery.

 4 cell barley paper 3