20AWG Silicone Wire - Black - per metre

20AWG silicone wire black 2

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20AWG Silicone Wire - Black - per metre

Super Flexible 20AWG Silicone Rubber  Wire 

High-quality tinned copper inner core, does not oxidize. Silicone outer skin, soft wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, smooth surface. 

Used in internal wiring of battery packs, including RC batteries, electric skateboard battery packs, electronic equipment etc

Product parameters
Model : 20AWG Specifications :  250/0.05TSOD:1.8
Length : 1 metre Production Date :  2018.7.16
Reference standard :  UL    
Conductor :  Tinned Copper Insulator:  Silicone
Colours : Black



1. Characteristics: Anti-acid & alkali, oil - resistant, moisture-     proof , anti-mildew, etc. Easy to peel and cut.
2. Flammability Test: pass the UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test.
3. Insulator: Insulation thickness:0.43mm Over Diameter
4. Tolerance:±0.1mm