About Us

Marsen Energy formed in 2016 as a retailer of Li-ion consumer batteries to meet a growing demand for safe reliable high power rechargeable batteries. All of our products are from leading manufacturers in the Lithium ion industry with manufacturers like Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and LG Chem. Every cell is tested before being dispatched to you the customer and comes with a money back guarantee on defective cells and chargers. Later in 2016 we set up a manufacturing facility to produce custom battery packs. We also have an R&D facility where we develop and test new Lithium Ion products. We are an Australian owned company based in Western Australia 100Km south of Perth.   

Our team of friendly staff will answer all your questions and our technical department has over 20 years experience in battery systems.

Marsen Energy - Your Lithium Ion Needs Since 2016